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Graphic Design

04 graphic design stop look and respondGraphic Design

Graphic Design: Stop, Look & Respond.

Effective communication is a three-step process. Visual communication or graphic design is the discipline that makes effective communication possible. How often do we ignore advertisements or marketing collaterals? How fast do we skim through information? We are exposed to communications and in…
May 27, 2015
graphic design vs advertisingGraphic Design

Differences Between Graphic Design and Advertising

It is sometimes hard to differentiate between graphic design and advertising. Both trades specialise in managing visual communication for their clients. What separates the two disciplines is just a very fine line. Graphic design and advertising share many principles, theories…
March 12, 2015
what is graphic designGraphic Design

What is Graphic Design?

What exactly is graphic design? Graphic design is the art or skill of combining text, symbols and images in any visual communication mediums to represent ideas and messages. Graphic design is a subset of visual communication and communication design. Graphic designers are…
March 12, 2015