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pirr annual report design singapore

A good annual report design in Singapore captivates stakeholders, weaving together data, visuals, and narrative to tell a compelling story of a company’s achievements and vision.

Explore PIRR’s portfolio showcase and valuable resources for annual report design, including a cheat sheet, tips, and complementary creative services. Gain insight into our design workflow, providing a detailed overview of our agency’s approach to annual report design.

Annual Report Design Portfolio

Professional Creations from the Leading Annual Report Design Agency in Singapore

Annual Report 2016 Design for National University of Singapore, OAR

Annual Report

Annual Report 2015 Design Proposal for Singapore Environment Council

Annual Report

Annual Report Design With Financial Statements for Princeton

Annual Report

Annual Report and Desktop Calendar Design for Boardroom

Annual Report Design + Desktop Calendar Design + Copywriting

An annual report is the cornerstone of a company's communications, encapsulating its achievements, challenges, and future outlook for stakeholders. Serving as a comprehensive snapshot of the company's performance, it is undoubtedly one of the most crucial collateral pieces produced each year.

Annual Report Design Cheat Sheet

Key Information on Annual Report Design in Singapore

graphic design singapore cheatsheet size

Most Common Size


Annual report designs in Singapore typically range between A5 and A3 sizes. While A3-sized annual reports exist, they are relatively rare and should become even scarcer due to sustainability concerns.
graphic design singapore cheatsheet pages

Typical Extent



The extent of annual report designs varies significantly depending on the size of the company and the information it aims to convey. Some companies’ annual reports exceed 100 pages in length.
graphic design cheatsheet short visibility range


Visibility Range

Annual reports typically have a limited visibility range, as the audience can only access and read the information when holding the document at arm’s length.
graphic design singapore cheatsheet print


Annual Reports

Pros: Physical presence, conveying professionalism, ease of access, branding opportunities
Cons: Higher production and distribution costs, environmental footprint, limited audience reach, absence of interactive features
graphic design singapore cheatsheet digital


Annual Reports

Pros: Enhanced accessibility, interactive features, cost-effectiveness, eco-friendly
Cons: Potential accessibility barriers, security risks, compatibility challenges, potential distractions
annual report design singapore cheatsheet full


Annual Reports

Pros: Comprehensive coverage, transparency, legal compliance, bolstering investor confidence
Cons: Lengthy and time-consuming, risk of information overload, accessibility limitations, regulatory compliance burden
annual report design singapore cheatsheet summary


Annual Reports

Pros: Concise overview, time-saving, enhanced accessibility, cost-effectiveness
Cons: Reduced detail, limited insights, potential regulatory compliance issues, decreased transparency
annual report design singapore cheatsheet singapore exchange sgx


Compliance for Listed Companies

For detailed information on SGX compliance requirements for annual reports of listed companies, please refer to the Singapore Exchange (SGX) official website.
annual report design singpore cheatsheet commissioner of charities coc


Compliance for Charities

For detailed information on Commissioner of Charities (CoC) compliance requirements for annual reports of charities, please refer to the Charity Portal.

Annual Report Design Tips

Designer’s Insights from the Top Annual Report Design Company in Singapore

annual report design agency singapore tips maintain brand consistency

Maintain Brand Consistency

Ensure that your annual report design aligns with your company’s branding guidelines, using consistent colours, fonts, and visual elements to reinforce your brand identity.

annual report design company singapore tips streamline content organisation

Streamline Content Organisation

Organise your content logically, using clear headings, subheadings, and visual cues to guide readers through the report and make information easy to find and understand.

annual report design agency singapore tips enhance data visualisation

Enhance Data Visualisation

Utilise effective data visualisation techniques, such as charts, graphs, and infographics, to present complex information in a visually appealing and easily digestible format, enabling readers to grasp key insights at a glance.

annual report design company singapore tips foster engagement

Foster Engagement

Integrate engagement strategies into your design, such as interactive elements, compelling visuals, and storytelling techniques, to captivate readers’ attention and encourage them to explore the report further.

annual report design agency singapore tips sustainability

Implement Sustainable Design Practices

Incorporate sustainable design principles into your annual report, such as using eco-friendly paper or digital formats, minimising waste, and opting for environmentally friendly printing methods to reduce your ecological footprint.

annual report design company singapore tips think out of your box

Think Out of Your Box

Challenge conventional thinking in annual report design by exploring innovative approaches that transcend traditional boundaries, potentially addressing broader organisational challenges such as employment issues or low investor uptake rates.

Annual report design can quickly devolve into a mundane task when brand stewards fail to inject innovation, risking the report becoming stale and uninspiring. It's essential to seek a capable annual report design agency in Singapore to inject fresh ideas and rock the boat.

Complementary Annual Report Design Services

Enhanced Solutions for Annual Report Design in Singapore

Our range of complementing services offers comprehensive solutions to cater to diverse client needs. With a dedicated team and extensive resources, we deliver top-tier annual report design services in Singapore, ensuring every detail is meticulously crafted. From copywriting to photography, our holistic approach ensures a seamless and impactful annual report design service experience in Singapore.

creative service proofreading


Our proofreading service offers additional eyes, ensuring flawless and polished content within your annual report.

creative service copywriting


Leverage PIRR’s strategic copywriting to reinforce the annual report design theme, crafting a narrative that resonates with stakeholders.

creative service photography


Capture the essence of your company with professional photography, adding visual appeal and authenticity to your annual report.

Please note that the complementary annual report design services showcased may not encompass our full range of offerings. If you require specific services not listed here, kindly reach out to us directly for further assistance.

As a thoughtful annual report design company in Singapore, we offer complementary services to ensure a thorough representation of the company's efforts, leaving no detail overlooked. By synergising these services, the annual report becomes a powerful tool, delivering unmatched insight and value to stakeholders.

Typical Annual Report Design Workflow

1. Planning

PIRR sets project timelines and milestones with client agreement.

2. Initiation

The client furnishes the annual report's theme, messaging, brand assets, guidelines, and project brief, detailing the objectives, target audience, and desired outcomes.

3. Ideation & Design Proposals

PIRR conducts research and brainstorming to generate the stipulated number of design proposals according to the work scope.

4. Proposal Selection & Feedback

The client chooses the design proposal and provides feedback.

5. Content Provision

The client submits all text, relevant photos, information, and financial statements.

6. Content Integration

PIRR incorporates all content into the design layout, ensuring coherence with the selected proposal.

7. Review & Feedback

The client reviews the designed annual report to ensure accuracy, consistency, and alignment with their expectations, providing feedback for revisions if necessary.

8. Approval

Upon satisfactory revisions, the client approves the final version of the annual report for production.

9. Finalisation & Production

PIRR prepares the final version of the annual report for production, whether in print or digital format, following the project brief and the client's specifications.
PIRR’s design workflow prioritises fast turnaround but may adjust based on the unique requirements and complexities of the annual report design project.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the typical timelines for completing an annual report design in Singapore?

    Typical timelines for completing an annual report design in Singapore can vary depending on project complexity, scope of work, and client feedback cycles. However, a rough estimate is usually between 4 to 8 weeks from initial concept development to final delivery.

    How long has your annual report design agency in Singapore been operating?

    Our annual report design agency in Singapore was established in 2011, and we’ve been operating for over a decade.

    How much does it cost to create an annual report design in Singapore?

    The cost of creating an annual report design in Singapore varies based on factors like project complexity and customisation. It’s best to consult with us directly for personalised quotes tailored to your specific requirements.

    Does your annual report design company in Singapore have experience working with non-profit organisations?

    Our annual report design company in Singapore has extensive experience working with non-profit organisations, including SPD and Singapore Children’s Society. Our team understands the unique needs and objectives of non-profits and is dedicated to creating impactful and engaging annual reports that effectively communicate their mission, values, and impact.

    Do you provide microsite creation for digital annual report design in Singapore?

    Apologies, we do not offer digital annual report design services in the form of microsites in Singapore.

    Does your annual report design agency in Singapore provide printing?

    Yes, our annual report design agency in Singapore does provide printing. However, as PIRR is not a printing company, printing is outsourced.

    What are economical ways to craft an annual report design in Singapore?

    To craft an economical annual report design in Singapore, focus on conveying key information while excluding detailed financial statements. Instead, opt to include a separate document for the financial statements the audit company provides. This streamlines the design process and reduces costs associated with layout and printing.

    Does your annual report design company in Singapore provide copywriting?

    Yes, our annual report design company in Singapore provides copywriting services. However, our focus is primarily on crafting text to convey the overarching design theme of the annual report, such as boilerplate text or separator cover text. We do not offer copywriting services for the main body content of your annual report.

    How can I incorporate sustainability practices into my annual report design in Singapore?

    Incorporating sustainability practices into annual report design in Singapore can involve using eco-friendly printing materials, minimising paper usage, opting for digital distribution, and highlighting the company’s sustainability initiatives and achievements within the report content.

    Does our company retain full ownership of the annual report design?

    If your company wishes to edit or repurpose the annual report design, either in parts or in whole, it must independently procure the necessary stock image licenses. We will provide the reference numbers for the stock images, facilitating your procurement of the essential licenses upon project completion. PIRR reserves the right to showcase the annual report design in our portfolio.

    PIRR | Annual Report Design | Singapore

    An annual report design in Singapore is essential for companies to communicate their performance, strategies, and achievements to stakeholders, providing a comprehensive overview of their progress. As a leading hub for business and innovation, Singapore’s thriving market underscores the significance of good annual report design, which enhances corporate transparency and credibility.

    At our annual report design agency in Singapore, we pride ourselves on our deep understanding of creating visually captivating and informative reports that effectively convey your company’s unique narrative. Leveraging our multi-faceted identity as a branding agency, we specialise in crafting on-brand annual reports that strengthen brand identity.

    As a graphic design company in Singapore, we grasp the essence of visual communication in annual report design. Leveraging our expertise, we ensure every aspect resonates with your audience, from compelling layouts to cohesive branding elements. With us, your annual report design in Singapore looks great and communicates your story with clarity and impact.

    Our annual report design company in Singapore offers proofreading, copywriting, and photography services for excellence. Our meticulous proofreading ensures error-free content while expert copywriters craft compelling narratives. Professional photography enhances the design, effectively conveying your message and leaving a lasting impression.

    At PIRR, our efficient and collaborative creative workflow starts with a detailed consultation to understand your objectives and audience. Our designers develop design proposals aligned with your vision, integrating all content. We prioritise communication and feedback to ensure your input is valued. Finally, we review and refine the design to meet the highest standards. With PIRR, your annual report design in Singapore is expertly crafted for maximum impact.

    Our annual report design agency in Singapore is dedicated to creating engaging reports that stand out in the competitive business landscape. PIRR’s creative expertise enhances your company’s reputation and drives success. Ready to elevate your annual report? Contact us today!