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Graphic Design: Stop, Look & Respond.

By May 27, 2015July 21st, 2015No Comments
04 graphic design stop look and respond

Effective communication is a three-step process. Visual communication or graphic design is the discipline that makes effective communication possible. How often do we ignore advertisements or marketing collaterals? How fast do we skim through information? We are exposed to communications and in the blink of an eye, we evaluate them, deciding whether that’s the information we need. We make these decisions all day, everyday without realising it. Competition for the audience’s gaze is real. Let’s strengthen business communications by understanding the typical communication process!

1. Stop

This is the first stage for communication. You’ve three seconds to get someone’s attention. ‘Stopping an audience’ is the most critical step for effective communication. If this does not happen, communication comes to a halt.

How can your business’s marketing collaterals grab an audience’s attention? Ensure that the first-tier information hierarchy of your collateral is concise and communicates your message. A visually-appealing collateral is a plus. It makes a good first impression and captures people’s gaze.

2. Look

You’ve five seconds, once you get their attention, to draw them in and look at your content. This is the second stage for communication and it reinforces the value of your message and provides in greater detail, the necessary information.

Good graphic designers strengthen the marketing message at the second-tier information hierarchy. They help your business to communicate the campaign message in clarity. Aesthetics continues to play an important role to entice the audience for their attention.

3. Respond

Congratulations on making it to the final stage! You’ve seven seconds to convince them for a response. This is the juncture, where you relate your bottomline.

What is your desired response for the audience? Do you want them to visit your website? Do you want them to make an online purchase? Compelling copywriting will steer the audience towards making a favourable response for your business. And who says words do not matter?