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A good logo design is when the price of the consultancy, the fee for the creative services and the expertise were worth it.

Here is our logo design price packages bundled with different deliverables and pricing. From a simple logo repair/tracing package to a comprehensive responsive logo design package that provides logos to adapt to the different media, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Your valued feedback, together with our designer’s pinpoint design revisions will leave you completely satisfied with the finished logo.


Logo Repair/Tracing

S$ 280

Per Package
  • Logo Traced to Exactness of Given Source 1
  • Up to 2 Rounds of Design Revision 3
  • Final Logo in Full Colour
  • Complete Logo Artwork in Various Colour Modes & File Formats

logo repair tracing price package singapore
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Logo DesignMost Popular

S$ 680

Per Package
  • Design Brief
  • 3 Design Concepts 2
  • Up to 3 Rounds of Design Revision on Selected Design Concept 3
  • Final Logo (1 layout format) in Full Colour only
  • Complete Logo Artwork in Various Colour Modes & File Formats

logo design price bundle singapore
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Responsive Logo Design

S$ 1,480

Per Package
  • Design Brief
  • 4 Design Concepts 2
  • Up to 3 Rounds of Design Revision on Selected Design Concept 3
  • Design Rationale
  • 4-paged Guide
  • Final Logos (up to 4 responsive levels) in Full Colour, Black & Reversed White
  • Complete Logo Artwork in Various Colour Modes & File Formats

responsive logo design pricing singapore
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1 The client must provide an image source for tracing (either a low resolution image or scanned image of your logo drawing)
2 The turnaround time for design concepts is between 2 to 5 working days, depending on the logo design package you’ve chosen
3 The turnaround time for design revisions is between 1 to 2 working days, depending on the volume of changes to be made

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's a Design Brief?

Before we embark on designing the logos, we’ll run you through a comprehensive questionnaire via online means and seek all the necessary information from you. All information provided by you will constitute the design brief.

2. What's a Design Concept?

A design concept is a symbol or mark, uniquely designed and created by our logo designers to identify your organisation, company, programme, event and even yourself. It is our visual solution to your need for an identifiable symbol after considering all the information you’ve provided. It’s therefore important to be accurate and thoughtful with the design brief.

3. How Do You Define a Round of Design Revision?

Upon provided with the initial design concepts (or revised logos), you’ll have a specified number of days to provide your feedback. Once all your comments, ideas and questions are consolidated and we provide a new version of logo, that’s the end of that round of design revision.

4. Why is it Necessary to Have Colour Variations for the Logo?

More often than not, a logo in Full Colour is insufficient for businesses. As your business grows, your logo will likely to appear on various media including emails, printed labels, stationery, website, apparel and publicity ads. Having the logo in colour variants like Greyscale, Black and White will allow a proper presentation of your brand. You require a Greyscale logo if you’re printing a greyscale ad. You’ll need a White logo if the Full Colour doesn’t sit well on a coloured background image. Predefined logo colour variations ensure a consistent identity for your brand.

5. Why are there Different Colour Modes for the Logo?

A logo can exist in 3 colour modes, namely Pantone, CMYK and RGB. It facilitates the use of your logo on various media. A logo in Pantone colours is needed if you’re making spot colour printing where colour accuracy is critical. A logo in CMYK mode facilitates 4 colour process printing and the RGB mode is meant for onscreen applications. Predefined colour modes eliminate inconsistent colour conversions by different business vendors and see to an undeviating portrayal for your brand.

6. Why are there Different Logo File Formats?

Different file formats facilitate the use of your logo across a wide choice of applications and programmes. Designers and vendors prefer vector files (e.g. EPS and AI) when they work. Vector graphics can be enlarged to infinite sizes without pixelating or blurring. But you’ll require design softwares like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator to use these files. Raster file formats (e.g. GIF, PNG, JPG and TIFF) are meant for layman’s use. Raster images will pixelate and blur when enlarged. You can open raster files with applications like Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint.

7. What's a Design Rationale?

A design rationale is our logo designer’s principle or philosophy towards creating your logo. It explains the hidden meanings behind the logo design concepts and describes the purposes of visual signs (e.g. shape, style, colour). It clarifies the designer’s original intent for your logo and your brand.

8. What's in the 4-paged Guide?

The 4-paged guide is a document that governs the key aspects for using your logo. It includes the (a) Design Rationale, (b) Approved Colour Variations, (c) Brand Colours, and (d) Maximum & Minimum Allowable Sizes for your logo. The guide ensures proper usage of your logo and reinforces a congruent brand identity.

9. What are the Colour Modes are Provided for the Logo Artwork?

The logo artwork will be provided in Pantone (Spot), CMYK (Processed) and RGB colours.

10. What are the File Formats Provided for the Logo Artwork?

The logo artwork will be provided in Adobe Illustrator (AI), Encapsulated Postscript (EPS), Portable Network Graphic (PNG) and Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPG) file formats.

11. Are the Logo Design Prices Inclusive of GST?

The prices are not subjected to Goods and Services Tax (GST). They are nett and there won’t be any hidden costs whatsoever.

12. Are the Logo Design Package Rates Negotiable?

No, the rates are fixed and non-negotiable. We believe our logo design price packages are of the best value. Understand our worth by checking out our logo design portfolio!

13. What Happens If I Can't Find a Suitable Logo After Exhausting All the Design Revisions?

You may choose to procure additional rounds of design revision until you arrive at the satisfactory logo. Every round of design revision is chargeable at S$25.

14. Do You Serve Customers Outside Singapore?

Yes, we serve customers outside Singapore, wherever you may be. As long as you fancy what we’ve done and you’d like a logo design from us, we’re a match!