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Graphic Design

24 graphic design sustainable design for businessesGraphic Design

Graphic Design: Sustainable Design For Businesses.

Sustainable graphic design is not about using a dominant colour palette of luscious green. It is not about decorating a visual with leaves and symbols that suggest eco-friendliness. Sustainable graphic design is a thoughtful methodology that benefits the society, economy and…
August 30, 2016
19 graphic design typography and designGraphic Design

Graphic Design: Typography And Design.

Text and images are the fundamental elements that make up graphic design or visual communication. Copywriting and typography are two important disciplines that determine the communication value of textual elements on your visual piece. Copywriting is the art and science of writing copy,…
September 9, 2015
the colour modes in graphic designGraphic Design

The Different Colour Modes In Graphic Design

There is much to colour theories in design. There is the colour wheel, the components of a colour, psychological properties of colours and much more. Knowing and understanding the colour modes will make a good start. As designers, we encounter two primary…
August 11, 2015
14 graphic design an image is worth a thousand wordsGraphic Design

Graphic Design: An Image Is Worth A Thousand Words.

An image is worth a thousand words. Does this hold some truth or is it sheer myth? Images and copywriting are inseparable in design communication. The effective use of these two components in design will result in powerful visuals that bring enormous impact to your…
August 5, 2015