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Web Design: Happy Prospects For Better Conversions!

By September 2, 2015September 14th, 2015No Comments
18 web design happy prospects for better conversions

On average, there are about 50,432 searches made on Google every second. Anybody who stumbles upon your website is a potential customer. If opportunity knocks but once, that makes first impressions everything. Making your prospects happy is the key to bettering the conversion rate of your website. Other than having the right product, price, promotion, packaging and positioning, which are often taken care of in marketing strategies, how do we go about making prospects happy through their online experience with your brand?

1. Have a Good Information Hierarchy

The solution to having good information hierarchy on your website is to have a functional sitemap. A website sitemap is a planning tool that helps you arrive at a logical presentation of content on your website. It is a list or diagram which represents the hierarchy structure of the pages in your website. A good sitemap helps you to visualise and structure user paths. It organises the presentation of content to assist your business in achieving its goals. In a nutshell, it enhances the user experience by making sure they can find what they need on your website. When a prospect gets to find the required information on your website with ease, it makes them happy. ^__^

2. Make Effective Communication

A website is an online presence, a communication platform for your business. Say it quick, say it well. This is the crux of effective communication in the modern day context. An overwhelming amount of text wears the prospect who reads your website. Having all images and no words would not explain things well. You need a good balance of these two building blocks in design. Communication design is the discipline that is concerned of how media intermission communicates with people. People ignore designs that ignore people. A prospect who understands and is clear of what he is reading on your website, is a happy person.  ^____^

3. Optimise the Speed of Your Website

You’ve paid thousands to make a cool-looking animation on your homepage; it takes about 10 seconds to complete the animation download; the prospect waited for 5 seconds; he got impatient and exited your website without having viewed any of your content. Yes, the online world is a harsh place. Everything happens in a fast pace. The attention span of a modern internet consumer is short. If you make people wait, they will most probably give up on you and hop over to your competitor’s website. On the other hand, if your website is optimised for speed, it will provide the user with an excellent and uninterrupted experience. A fast website makes a prospect happy. ^________^

4. Satisfy Your Prospect’s Goals

The final and most important point to making prospects happy is to satisfy their goals. Prospects enter your website with different goals in mind. They may want to know the price of your products or services; they may want to make easy online purchases; they may want to contact you to know more about what you are offering. The possibilities are endless. Understand your audience. Observe their behaviour flow and fulfil their needs. A satisfied prospect is a happy person. ^________________^

When you’ve managed to make your prospects grin from ear to ear, you’d most likely have convinced and converted them to happy customers who buy your service or product. Even if you did not make sales at the point of engagement, you’d have left them a very good first impression that works towards Top-Of-Mind Awareness! Getting smiles ain’t as hard as you think it is. Type &#9786 in HTML. There you go! ☺