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Logo Design

What is Logo Design?

By March 28, 2015July 28th, 2015No Comments
what is logo design

A logo (abbreviation of logotype) is a graphic mark, emblem or symbol to represent commercial enterprises, organisations and even individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition. In branding, the foundation of a brand is the logo. A logo is a graphic device or symbol that represents a name. The name is a signifier that represents the brand. Logo design is the art or skill of combining text and/or symbols to arrive at a graphic device to represent the brand name. Logo design can be seen as subset of visual communication and graphic design. Logo designers are professionals who are equipped with relevant knowledge, computer and software skills to craft a logo.

There are many different types of logo and they are be found everywhere. You can find logos in magazines, newspapers, advertisements, name cards and letterheads. It is prevalent in print medium. Logos can be spotted on TV and webpages. They are present in digital medium as well. Logos are used to represent the following:

A Business Name

A business name comes before its logo. The logo promotes the business or the company. It gives them a visual identity that customers can identify with. Depending on the branding objectives set prior, a logo can inform consumers what products or services the company is providing. Branding to a business is important. Branding goes a long way and the bottom line is to manage consumer’s perceptions of the business.

An Event or Programme Name

A logo can be used as a representation for an event or programme name. It gives the event or programme a visual identity for marketing consistency. Marketing collaterals signed-off with the logo declares the event’s ownership. It provides greater campaign synergy.

A Personal Name or People

A logo can be used to represent people or an individual’s name. Band groups and singers use logos to represent themselves. A logo through visual means, can attribute personas. Golfers have unique motifs to represent them, identify their golf balls and what not. And really, logos are everywhere!