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The Price You Pay For Cheap Designs

By August 4, 2015September 28th, 2015No Comments4 min read

Not all cheap designs are bad. And not all expensive designs benefit your business. The sole discretion of which offer to take, lies on the hands of brand stewards. Many clients who do not understand marketing and communication design often go for the cheapest price quote rather than the higher ones that promise better quality. Are you someone who go for designs that are value for money or simply designs that are priced the lowest? Most importantly, have you ever considered what you are really paying for?

This Branding Agency Can Create a Brand Identity for $500.

Sure. Your business targets the high brow market. But the brand identity defined by the branding agency probably gets ignored by the target audience and only appeals to the low brow market. You’ve probably bought a brand identity that does not resonate with your target audience for a cheap price.

My Graphic Designer Can Design a Business Logo for $5.

Definitely! You’re likely to end up with just a logo in JPEG format. You give this logo to the vendor for your store signage to be made. The logo’s resolution is too low. They ask for a logo in EPS or AI format. You do not have it and the vendor impose additional charges to have your logo retraced. There are many other issues you may get yourself into if you do not have a professional logo designed. You’ve probably paid for a logo that cannot meet your business needs for a cheap price.

That Web Design Company Can Design a Website for $800.

Unquestionably! You’ll probably get a ten-page website with your own images and textual content. Your website is not search engine friendly and will never appear on the Search Engine Ranked Page (SERP) results. The images on your website are not optimised and cause a long loading time which present a poor online experience. The filenames, titles and alt texts are not set to help increase exposure for your business. The navigation on the website is confusing and causes a high bounce rate. The design of the website is lacklustre and does not encourage the reader to spend more time on it. You’ve probably bought a dysfunctional website for a cheap price.

This Graphic Design Company Can Design a Brochure for $100.

Certainly. More than often, when you get a low priced design quote, you’ll only receive desktop publishing level of skills to craft your brochure. Desktop publishing (DTP) is a process that designers or even non-designers use to turn their images and textual content into marketing collaterals. DTP does not require extensive digital imaging and a creative process. It is a process that only requires the skill-sets of bringing images and text together to showcase the information. Graphic design on the other hand, involves the creative process of coming up with concepts, ideas and graphical arrangements for communicating a specific message in the form of a visual. The main aim of graphic design is to make effective communication and bring a favourable impact to the businesses’s bottom line. Good design is geared to convince the audience to act to your call to action. You’ve paid $100 for the brochure design. You’ve also paid for a brochure that does not yield conversions for a cheap price.

Poor design forms negative brand sentiments and good design makes positive associations. It would have been better for you never to want a design made than to have a poor design that causes harm to your business. The next time you accept a design price offer, know what you are really getting.