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Singapore National Day Parade (NDP) Logos And Slogans

By May 26, 2020No Comments
singapore national day parade ndp logos slogans

This year’s National Day Parade (NDP) 2020 logo will be a memorable one for Singapore. With the uncertainties that Covid-19 brings to the nation, Singapore is rallying for the people to stay united and emerge stronger from the crisis. And yes, this year NDP is still on. But we’ll be celebrating it differently.

NDP logos and slogans are an important part of event identity for Singapore’s National Day Parade. It associates all publicity collaterals to the joyous event. You can’t connect a poster to the National Day Parade without an identifiable NDP logo; you wouldn’t associate a goodie bag item to the National Day Parade without a label that carries the recognisable NDP logo. An NDP logo is a key visual device used for event branding. It promotes instant public recognition.

NDP 2020

singapore ndp logo 2020

“Together, A Stronger Singapore”

1. NDP 2020 Theme (Slogan)


The theme “Together, A Stronger Singapore” is a rallying call to Singaporeans to play our part to push forward and determine Singapore’s future, despite the difficulties and crises. “Together” refers to Singaporeans uniting as one people, brought closer in bonds of compassion and kindness. “A Stronger Singapore” signifies our determination to emerge from the crisis stronger as a nation, with our best days ahead of us.

2. NDP 2020 Logo (Design Synopsis)


The NDP2020 logo captures the dualities of compassion and conviction. The heart represents Compassion, a heart for the nation, a heart for one another, a fellow Singaporean. The fist signifies Conviction, pledging as one united people to build a better future together. The red-purple colour gradient shows us transiting with optimism and passion into an inspiring future.

3. When was the First NDP Logo Designed?

The very first NDP logo was created in 1998 and the logo slogan was “Our Singapore, Our Future.” The introduction of the first NDP logo as an event or brand identity, brought about the trend and need for subsequent logos to be designed to complement the foundation themes of the parades. Slogans and taglines are appended to the logo designs to communicate the parade theme with clarity.

4. Complete Compilation of Singapore National Day Parade (NDP) Logos and Slogans

The NDP logos use different types of logo design formats. You’ll see iconic symbols, illustrative symbols, wordmarks, combination marks and whatnot, making up the entire collection of NDP logos.

NDP 2019

singapore ndp logo 2019

“Our Singapore”

NDP 2018

singapore ndp logo 2018

“We Are Singapore”

NDP 2017

singapore ndp logo 2017


NDP 2016

singapore ndp logo 2016

“Building Our Singapore Of Tomorrow.”

NDP 2015

singapore ndp logo 2015

“Majulah Singapura. Our Golden Jubilee”

NDP 2014

singapore ndp logo 2014

“Our People, Our Home.”

NDP 2013

singapore ndp logo 2013

“Many Stories… One Singapore.”

NDP 2012

singapore ndp logo 2012

“Loving Singapore, Our Home.”

NDP 2011

singapore ndp logo 2011

“Majulah! The Singapore Spirit.”

NDP 2010

singapore ndp logo 2010

“Live Our Dreams. Fly Our Flag.”

NDP 2009

singapore ndp logo 2009

“Come Together – Reaching Out. Reaching Up.”

NDP 2008

singapore ndp logo 2008

“Celebrating The Singapore Spirit.”

NDP 2007

singapore ndp logo 2007

“City Of Possibilities.”

NDP 2006

singapore ndp logo 2006

“Our Global City, Our Home.”

NDP 2005

singapore ndp logo 2005

“The Future Is Ours To Make.”

NDP 2004

singapore ndp logo 2004

“Together, A New Sin39pore.”

NDP 2003

singapore ndp logo 2003

“Together, A New Singapore.”

NDP 2002

singapore ndp logo 2002

“Together, A New Singapore.”

NDP 2001

singapore ndp logo 2001

“Together, We Make The Difference.”

NDP 2000

singapore ndp logo 2000

“Together, We Make The Difference.”

NDP 1999

singapore ndp logo 1999

“Together, We Make The Difference.”

NDP 1998

singapore ndp logo 1998

“Our Singapore, Our Future.”