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SG50 – A Singapore Brand for Celebration or a Bandwagon for Marketing

By March 26, 2015July 28th, 2015No Comments
sg50 singapore 50 fifty celebrating marketing

You must have seen and heard so much hype on SG50 celebrations by now. Is SG50 a brand for celebrating Singapore’s 50 years of independence or is there more to it? The SG50 brand identity is created to facilitate publicity work for any celebrations that sing of our 50th year of independence. The SG50 mark is meant for the use of Singapore’s people, private and public sectors.

The SG50 Brand for Celebration

The SG50 logo drew inspiration from Singapore’s national colours of red and white. It is deliberately designed with simple shapes and lines to facilitate its ability to be customised. The logo, having a simple form, blends well with almost every visual composition. The SG50 logo is considered a dynamic logo which is one of the nine different types of logos mentioned in our earlier article. A dynamic logo changes its appearance based on the context it is to be used in. By making the SG50 logo a dynamic mark, it empowers people to design and customise it to one that is uniquely theirs. It bestows ownership.

sg50 customised logo

The SG50 logo is also know as ‘the little red dot,’ a terminology that was coined to parallel Singapore as a tiny red dot on the world map. The SG50 logo can be used by anyone who wish to express their celebratory intent in 2015, a momentous year for Singapore.

The SG50 Bandwagon for Marketing

Many corporates, companies, businesses and brands have put up marketing activities to celebrate this significant year. But what are their true intentions? Is it purely to join in the celebration or are they trying to create a favourable impact to their bottom line? In the eyes of a business owner and marketeer, the SG50 is a bandwagon for marketing. The SG50 logo when placed beside a company’s logo, suggests of a partnership. Brand empowerment occurs. SG50 is a nation brand and being highly publicised, makes a great deal of impressions on the consumers. In the minds of consumers, SG50 is a secure brand. Consumers do not doubt their nation’s brand. When companies use the SG50 logo in their marketing activities, they seemingly inherit this ‘safe’ attribute and this puts the consumers at ease. It then makes them more accepting towards the company’s marketing call.

Discerning consumers, however, will see through this marketing ploy. You cannot deceive people. They can tell whether your brand is doing this for patriotic reasons or merely for self-interest. If they discover that it’s the latter, it’ll form negative brand sentiments. Brands out there in Singapore! Is SG50 an opportunity for you? Decide for yourselves!