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A Symbol for Ever Flames

The Flathead Energy Services logo design is a combination mark which comprise an iconic symbol and the brand name ‘Flathead Energy Services.’ The iconic symbol is uniquely formed by the marriage of an oil droplet (correlating to the oil-related consulting and tool lease services provided) and flame (correlating to the gas-related consulting and tool lease services provided). The unique symbol is creatively ‘shaved off’ its top, to bring forth the idea of a ‘flathead,’ in a subtle manner. The shaved off portion is found in the brand name and this brings bridges the brand name to the iconic symbol. The colours used are incessant-passionate red and assuring black. The logo is stylised to feel clean and uncluttered. It does more with less.


Our passion burns forever. It’s an endless flame. Commitment keeps the flame of curiosity and wonderment alive. It fuels our passion.


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