onehandshake app logo design psa marine

An Innovative Platform that Connects Mariners

An app logo design, ONEHANDSHAKE, was created for PSA Marine. The ONEHANDSHAKE logo is a combination mark which comprises the symbol and brand name. The symbol is formed by the marriage of the letters “H” and “S” which are derived from the brand name. Read the positive space and you’ll see the letter “S”; interpret the negative space (background) and you’ll find the letter “H”. The angular tilt on the symbol instills zest to the logo. The brand name is set in a sans-serif typeface to exude modernity. ONEHANDSHAKE is an innovative platform to connect mariners. It aims to address the conventional way of arranging logistics when vessels call at port and the lack of real-time information of vessels’ timing for arrival, berthing and locations. It also aims to relook at how to allow one to plan and work better around a dynamic environment.


Of “H” and “S”.


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