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The Heart of Fitness

The proposed Leap Fitness logo is a combination mark which comprises the brand name and iconic symbol. The ‘Leap’ symbol is uniquely crafted to bear important values and propositions of Leap Fitness. The symbol is meticulously built on a triangular grid. The horizontal line represents the strong base of fitness capabilities. The two inclined lines mark the ascension or leap towards the unrealised and expansive ability blankets. The difference in line gradients demonstrates the variance in abilities of sportspeople. The distinctness is non-judgemental. Observe the negative space formed by the iconic symbol. You’ll find a hidden symbol that suggests of the initial ‘L’ of the brand name ‘Leap.’ Indeed, leap is the way of life. It is the core and heart of Fitness.


This is my secret, an uncomplicated secret: It is only with the heart that one can experience life; what is paramount is invisible to the eye.


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