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The Heart of Fitness

The proposed Leap Fitness logo is a combination mark with the brand name and an iconic symbol. The brand name “Leap Fitness” was conceived to represent a dynamic and progressive approach to fitness, suggesting a powerful, forward-moving action. The “Leap” symbol is meticulously crafted on a triangular grid, embodying the fundamental values and propositions of Leap Fitness. The horizontal line represents a solid foundation of fitness capabilities, while the two inclined lines signify the leap towards unrealized and expansive potential. The varying gradients of these lines reflect the diversity in athletic abilities, emphasizing an inclusive and non-judgmental approach. The negative space within the symbol also reveals a hidden “L,” subtly reinforcing the brand name “Leap.” This thoughtful design encapsulates the essence of fitness, making “leap” not just a word but a way of life and the core of Leap Fitness.


Leap Fitness

Creative Agency

PIRR Creatives (PIRR)

Commissioned Branding Service(s)

  • Brand Naming
  • Logo Design

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