customised red packet design year monkey

An Illustration That Reverberates the Brand Name

A customised red packet design proposal was put up for T32 Dental Centre’s consideration. The uniquely illustrated monkey is formed by two forceful strokes. The first stroke depicts the number ‘3’ and forms the monkey’s body. The second stroke portrays the number ‘2’ and makes up the monkey’s tail. The illustrated monkey is an icon that reverberates the brand name, T32.  With a giant peach in its hands, the illustration connotes the abundance of blessings in the new year.

The new year greeting 三阳开泰 marks the beginning of good fortune and 两全其美 promises the audience to have the best of both worlds. The pair of Chinese idioms further strengthens the brand name, T32.

The entire illustration is stylised to resemble a Chinese painting which relates to the festive season. The triangular grid pattern that overlays the background, instils modernity to the visual. The illustration is appealing across a wide range of audience.


  • Character Design
  • Red Packet Design