corporate brand design intervention northwest

A Motif of Hope

The corporate brand design or logo, is a combination mark which consists of a symbol and the brand name, ‘Northwest Intervention Services.’ The symbol portrays a humble white hand overlaying a larger hand. It symbolises the gift of aid, with the larger hand being the receiving end. Grey suggests darkness and bright cyan connotes liberation and peace. The white hand lifts the needy hand out of darkness. The larger iconic hand is alternately seen as a dove that symbolises freedom, will and power to rise out of the pit. The logo components are arranged in an invisible northwest-wardly axis that reverberates the brand name. In a nutshell, the logo symbolises liberation and hope.


The chastening hand aided its troubled equal out of the shadows. It was a scene of hope and freedom. Hope was on freedom. And freedom came from hope. Hope sung off shackles and brought forth light. Hope, itself was light.


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