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Onward & Upward

An annual report, alongside with the financial statements were designed. The theme ‘Onward & Upward’ marks the Group’s dedication to move forward and celebrates the various developments that have literally risen upward. The annual report was proposed to assume the extent of a magazine, to correlate to lifestyle magazines for quality living.

The cover subtly places focus on the woman who represents consumers with the humble and respectable building in the background. This unique composition seeks to bring out the inseparable relationship between a development and its inhabitants. The golden wheat field connotes the abundance of harvest for the financial year. The cover is manipulated in high contrast and density effect and clad in a warm golden tint to invoke a classy feel.

The proposed annual report magazine not only serves as a document to record the Group’s achievements for the shareholder’s eyes. It value-adds to function as a marketing collateral (for the public) to encourage quality living through effective ad pages which sing of the Group’s unique selling point or business model. The annual report attributes the qualities of being stylish and boldness to Princeton.


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