annual report 2016 design singapore childrens society


It was a pleasure for us to design the annual report 2016 for Singapore Children’s Society. The annual report theme, ‘Gift’, was conceptualised based on the poem ‘Make Me a Child’, written by Prof Woo Keng Thye. The greatest gift is love. Without love, education is impossible. Without love, a shelter is merely an aloof space.

The annual report cover shows a heart-shaped tree with an abundance of flowers growing at its crown. It connotes the Society’s growing love (the ‘Gift’) for their children and youth. It highlights the maturation of the Society’s efforts toward bringing relief and happiness to children in need. The two children at the foreground correlate the entire visual to the society’s core work for children. The sun shining at the background brings a positive and warm vibe to the cover.

The cover is highly imaginative and signifies the imagination and creativity in a child. The creative vibe persists and is strongly visible on the chapter dividers. In the ‘About Us’ chapter divider, a collage of books, children and buildings correlates to education, shelter and love. In the ‘Facts and Figures’ chapter divider, a child takes flight with her friend on a tricycle-apple-wagon carried by a ginormous whale. The visuals on the chapter dividers are akin to poems. In poems, words are interknit to produce ingenious lines. In the visuals, symbols and images are woven to express the lines extracted from the poem ‘Make Me a Child’.


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