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Marketing With Flyers, Leaflets And Postcards

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marketing with flyers leaflets postcards

Flyers, leaflets and postcards are a low-cost form for mass marketing and even direct marketing. Mass marketing is a market coverage strategy where the business chooses to ignore the market segment differences and is bent on presenting the entire market with a single offer, strategy or proposition. Direct marketing is a market coverage strategy where the business chooses to communicate directly with a specific group of audience. Direct marketing messages are uniquely crafted and addressed to the prospect or customer. These messages seek to drive a specific call to action which may include the prospect to call a phone number, mail in a response, visit a website link or make a purchase. While both strategies are distinctly different, flyers, leaflets and postcards are good communication mediums that fulfil these unique marketing intents.

Do people still use flyers as part of their print marketing in this digital age? You bet! Despite being one of the most conventional way of marketing, flyers are still relevant and widely used in business communication!

Purposes of Flyers, Leaflets and Postcards

Flyers, leaflets and postcards can be creatively used for any marketing purpose of a business or company. The effectiveness of a marketing campaign depends on the insight of the marketers and the competence of graphic designers. Marketers set the objectives for their mass marketing or direct marketing campaigns. Graphic designers are the professionals who realise the goals of the marketers. They are the creatives who help marketers communicate their marketing message in a clear and convincing manner to increase conversion rate. A conversion rate is the proportion of people viewing an advertisement and going on to act on the call to action. Flyers, leaflets and postcards can be used to:

  • increase brand awareness
  • promote a product or service
  • communicate information on a product or service
  • advertise an event
  • announce a promotion, sale or offer

Advantages and Disadvantages of Flyers, Leaflets and Postcards Marketing

There are pros and cons to using flyers, leaflets and postcards as your marketing medium. Whether they are suitable for your publicity campaign depends on your marketing strategy and objective. You may want to consider the following advantages and disadvantages of flyer marketing before deciding whether it is the medium for you.



Low cost per impression when the print volume is high High discard rate causing material waste
Greater engagement with audience compared to digital medium Short term marketing impact
Able to reach specific audience by targeting distribution locations Marketing influence ends when your printed copies are used up

Differences Between a Flyer, Leaflet and Postcard

Nowadays it gets harder to distinguish a flyer from a leaflet and a leaflet from a postcard. These different marketing mediums have similar print specifications and it is not easy for a layman to tell them apart.

Flyers, also known as throwaways, are usually the cheapest to produce. Because businesses expect flyers to face high discard rates, they would not spend a high marketing budget on producing extravagant-looking ones. This is the reason why flyers have the most conservative print specifications compared to leaflets and postcards. On the contrary, postcards are produced on better paper quality and usually uses more colours for printing which makes them more expensive to produce. Businesses expect and desire their postcards to be kept by the target audience. That is why they are willing to spend more marketing dollars on producing good quality printouts. The leaflet is the intermediate medium between a flyer and postcard. The table below shows the common print specifications of a flyer, leaflet and postcard.




Size A4 (210mm x 297mm),
A5 (148mm x 210mm),
A6 (105mm x 148mm),
DL (99mm x 210mm)
A4 (210mm x 297mm),
A5 (148mm x 210mm),
A6 (105mm x 148mm),
DL (99mm x 210mm)
A5 (148mm x 210mm),
A6 (105mm x 148mm),
DL (99mm x 210mm)
Extent 1pp or 2pp 1pp or 2pp 1pp or 2pp
Printing 1c to 2c (Spot colour) 1c to 4c (Spot or process colour) 1c to 4c (Spot or process colour)
Paper Quality 80gsm to 150gsm 150gsm to 230gsm At least 230gsm

* For postcards to be mailable through Singapore Post, they must not exceed 240mm (Length) x 162mm (Width) with paper quality of at least 230gsm.

Content and Distribution of Flyers, Leaflets and Postcards

Flyers, leaflets and postcards are print mediums. The number of people your campaign can reach is limited by the number of physical copies you’ve printed. For every multitude of people that receive your flyers, leaflets or postcards, only a small percentage will take the next step to look at your message and an even smaller percentage will respond to your call to action. Most of your flyers will get discarded or ignored. This is the reality of marketing. How then can one minimise this unrequited behaviour of the consumer? How does one improve the effectiveness of their marketing campaign?

Improve on your content by communicating effectively. Learn how to stop your audience, have them look through the information and respond to your call to action! Flyers, leaflets and postcards have a limited area to contain the intended marketing message. Be impactful and specific with your words. Is your flyer going to get distributed into the hands of your audience or is it to be posted on bulletin boards? The latter would require a greater stopping power in order to make an impression on the audience. A good graphic designer will consider all these aspects and craft an impactful, visually-engaging flyer for you.

Improve on your distribution of flyers, leaflets and postcards. The simplest way to improve your distribution would be to increase the number of copies printed. Marketing is a numbers game. The more people your marketing message reaches, the more likely you’ll receive favourably responses for your business. Consider adapting the printed flyer design into a digital or electronic version (e.g. electronic flyer, direct mailer & newsletter) that can be used on online marketing platforms. Now you can reach your audience in both the offline and online world!

Are you considering to design and print flyers, leaflets or postcards to market your business? Contemplate the article. Contact us if you need a free design consultation or price quote.