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Logo Design

Logo Design: Where It All Began.

By May 13, 2015July 21st, 2015No Comments2 min read

The foundation of your brand is your logo. A logo design is the start of visual communications for businesses. It is where branding began. A logo is a visual anchor and identity for your website, packaging and promotional materials. A good logo goes a long way. For small businesses in Singapore, a logo endures the entire span of the brand’s life. Unless brand repositioning is required, a company rarely calls for a redo of their logo. Since logo design happens probably only once in a lifetime, how do we ensure we’ve got a good and meaningful logo designed?

Engage a Good Logo Designer

Hire a competent designer and have your logo professionally designed. Examine their portfolio to know what they are capable of delivering. The cheapest price quote may not get you the best-for-value logo. A well-designed logo makes a good first impression and attributes positive values to your brand. A poorly-designed logo is detrimental and damaging to your brand.

Be Timeless

Avoid extravagant graphical treatments or special effects on your logo. While it may be trendy to incorporate a visual effect on your logo now, it may become dated when this trend ends. Trends come and go. So will your logo, when you follow trends!

Keep it Simple

A simple logo makes it easy to identify a brand. It penetrates an audience’s mind easily and gets retained readily. If logo designs exist for the sole purpose for immediate public recognition, would a complex logo serve well for your business?

Make it Memorable

A logo that is memorable, makes your brand catchy. A memorable logo finds its way easily into the consumer’s mind and plants itself. With consistent branding efforts, your brand will soon occupy the top-of-mind position of the consumer.

Use it Consistently

Integrate your business logo consistently into your marketing collaterals for this is the most important aspect to branding. Define guidelines on the usage of your logo. It improves consumer’s trust to your brand. Be really consistent with how your logo is used!