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Logo Design: What Is Your Persona?

By August 26, 2015September 13th, 2016No Comments
17 logo design what is your persona

Logos do not have genders. Rather, logos have personalities and they are an important aspect in branding. If a logo is a graphic device that marks the start of a brand’s visual identity, then a logo’s personality is the source to the formulation of a brand’s persona. A brand persona is the audience’s perceived image of the brand. Brand personas are formed through consistent exposure of the brand’s visual identity and brand’s voice. The visual identity of a brand can comprise marketing collaterals, corporate stationery, communication platforms, etc. The brand’s voice is what a brand says and how a brand expresses itself to the audience. It is the sum total of marketing messages, words on your website, social media messages, emails, etc.

1. Types of Logo Personalities

Logo personalities are conveyed by graphic designers and interpreted by the audience. Because it requires interpretation, the perceived personalities are often subjective. Logo personas can be suggested or portrayed through visual elements and techniques like typography, illustration, symbol, visual styling and colour. Logo designs can inherit the follow types of personalities:

Feminine / Masculine

logo personality feminine masculine

Young / Mature

logo personality young mature

Luxury / Economical

logo personality luxury economical

Modern / Classic

logo personality modern classic

Playful / Serious

logo personality playful serious

Loud / Quiet

logo personality loud quiet

Simple / Complex

logo personality simple complex

Subtle / Obvious

logo personality subtle obvious

2. Why the Need for Logo Personalities?

Logo personalities lead to the formation of the brand persona. Having the right persona allows a brand to communicate effectively with its audience. Imagine you are leading a business where your target audience are kids. You have a serious-looking logo and you employ a stern tone of voice. What you say are more likely to intimidate your audience, than having them at ease and communicating with them in a comfortable setting. How well do you think your messages can reach them? Imagine you are selling products targeted at the high-brow market. You have a cheap-looking logo. Your packaging design is nowhere extravagant-looking. How will the consumers perceive of your brand and products?

You get the drift… Logo personalities go a long way for a brand. Start on the right foot today! Carve and form the desired brand persona by having the correct logo personalities instilled in the logo!