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Logo Design: What Does Your Logo Say?

By June 17, 2015July 21st, 2015No Comments
07 logo design what does your logo say

A logo is the face of a business. The logo forms the first touchpoint experience with the consumer who is new to your brand. It makes the first impression to your audience. If opportunity knocks but only once, that makes first impressions everything! A good logo design does one or more of the following:

Relates Your Brand Name

A logo’s life purpose is to represent its brand name. Most logos tell its brand name through linguistic methods (e.g. the logo contains the brand name in textual form). The consumer can read off the brand name at a single glance and relates it to the brand. There are big brands that solely rely on symbolic methods to relate the brand name (e.g. the Apple logo, where the brand is represented only with the apple symbol without textual information).

Conveys Your Mission

Just as a mission/vision statement sets a company towards the right direction, a logo that conveys the mission/vision values sets off branding on its right foot! A logo that contains unique values to a business is close at heart to the business and the brand stewards. It establishes a big sense of ownership to the founders and employees of the business.

Tells Your Trade

Some logos at a glance, tell of your trade, the business you’re in. There are those that does not communicate the business genre directly to its audience. The prior, a logo that tells your trade, is self-sufficient while the latter, relies on accompanying graphic designs and elements to explain its business. Which is better? It all boils down to the company’s preference and who the target audience are.

Reveals Your Persona

Do you know that logos have personalities? A logo can be feminine or masculine, young or mature, luxury or economical, modern or classic, playful or serious, loud or quiet, simple or complex, subtle or obvious. The personalities of a logo help the brand to correctly position itself in the market and makes itself relevant and relatable to its target audience. If a business offers luxury good, would an economical looking logo suffice? The answer is clear.

What does your logo say about your business? Does it communicate values that are dear to you and your business?