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How Much Do You Charge For Designing This?

By July 28, 2015December 8th, 2022No Comments
how much do you charge for designing this

“How much do you charge for designing this?” This is probably the most common line you’d hear when a prospect contacts a designer or design agency for a project such as branding, logo design, website design or graphic design. As a graphic designer or design agency we all have our preferred design pricing formulas and we make design price quotes day in and day out. But when a prospect pops this question, we always find it hard to give them a quick answer on the spot. What aspects of the project affect the design price?

1. The Project Specification Influences the Design Price

“How much do you charge for designing a simple logo?” Regrettably, these words do not provide graphic designers or design agencies with sufficient information for them to price the project. Do you need colour definitions for your logo? Do you need brandmark guidelines that govern the proper use of your logo? Do you require creative services to define a slogan that goes with your logo? What filetypes do you need for your business logo? All these design specifications determine how much work is needed for the project which translate to man-hours. Man-hours convert directly to labour cost and influences the design price.

2. The Turnaround Time Affects the Design Price

“How much do I have to pay to get my brochure designed?” Again, the question posed does not provide designers or the account managers with the specifics of the project. If you need the brochure design to be completed within 2 days, it would probably be a rush job. Projects that have a short turnaround time would require graphic designers or design agencies to work overtime. Overtime charges would thus apply and affect the design price.

3. The Design Price Follows the Expectations of the Customer

“How much do you charge for a website that looks good enough?” Design is subjective. What looks good enough to a person may be gravely inadequate to another. It is always better to communicate your exact expectations to the designers. And because jaw-dropping graphics take time to craft, a professionally-designed website usually costs more than a basic website where images and text are used just as they were originally provided. The design price will always follow the expectations of the customer. Needless to say, the former creates a greater visual impact on the audience and the latter probably forms negative brand sentiments to your business.

So, the next time you meet your prospect to discuss about a design project, prepare a list of questions to help you understand the design specifications better. Knowing the specifications will make it easier for you arrive at an accurate design price quote! If you are a prospect, be prepared to answer the queries of your designers!