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Graphic Design: An Image Is Worth A Thousand Words.

By August 5, 2015August 6th, 2015No Comments
14 graphic design an image is worth a thousand words

An image is worth a thousand words. Does this hold some truth or is it sheer myth? Images and copywriting are inseparable in design communication. The effective use of these two components in design will result in powerful visuals that bring enormous impact to your advertising and marketing campaigns. The whole idea of graphic design or design communication is about making favourable impressions for businesses. Good images are essential are for all marketing and advertising work. From a company’s viewpoint, a good image highlights your professionalism, projects a good brand image and improves your credibility. In graphic design, good images make effective communication possible. Images attract necessary attention and encourage an audience to read your marketing message.

Good design is good communication. And good communication is good business. So, how do we get quality images to ensure good designs? In this digital age, quality images or photos are readily accessible through different channels.

1. Hire a Professional Photographer

Use a professional photographer to take high quality images for your design mediums. The photos taken are unique and exclusive only for your business. They are extremely personal and direct about your business. The great benefits of hiring a professional photographer come with a cost. If the company has a substantial marketing budget allocated for communications, commissioning a photographer will make the most genuine and authentic image presentation for your business.

2. Hire a Creative Illustrator or Graphic Designer

A photo can be an image. But an image does not necessarily have to be a photograph. If you are looking for graphical illustrations or digitally manipulated images in your communication mediums, consider engaging an illustrator or graphic designer. A competent illustrator or graphic designer is capable of drawing and making unique images that are dedicated only for your business. Engaging an illustrator or graphic designer comes at a price tag but the images they provide are personal and will relate to your business.

3. Purchase from Stock Image Sites

Stock images are the next better alternative you can consider when you want to get good images for your communication platforms. Stock images come in different resolutions that are more than sufficient for onscreen applications or even used on printed mediums. The greatest challenge to using images from stock image sites lies on choosing the right images. If you are lucky enough and your business isn’t a niche trade, you’ll find images that are appropriate for your business. If you are satisfied with the image presentation, you can simply buy and download the image and use it directly on your communication platforms. If you require alterations to the image to complement your marketing message, engage a graphic designer.

4. Download from Free Image Sites

Make an online search for ‘free image.’ Hey Presto! In the wink of an eye, you see a list of free image sites in your search results. Free image sites offer images that are free for use on personal projects or even commercial purposes. Use these images at your own discretion. Stock image sites usually offer better images. But if you are looking for something free, do settle for what you find on these websites.

5. Do It Yourself

Lastly, if you can afford the time and you have the necessary skill-sets, be your own photographer, illustrator or graphic designer. You’ll have total control on the image presentation and you do not have to strain your marketing budget.

There are many ways of getting images for your communication platforms. But always remember that an image is worth a thousand words. An image can make or even break your business communications. Use good images to make positive associations for your business. Never use poor images that form negative brand sentiments! How have you been using your images?