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Communications: Link Up Your Communications.

By July 8, 2015August 12th, 2015No Comments
10 communications link up your communications

The success of your business communications depends on how effectively you have used the different platforms and how well you have linked them up. Business communication is the sharing of information between people within an organisation and how a company shares information externally to their audience with the intent for commercial benefit to the organisation. In this digital age, communication platforms are a plenty. A company may use emails, social media platforms, websites, retail spaces and printed mediums to promote a product or service. Businesses or companies use more than one communication platform. What are the benefits of having well-networked communication platforms?

1. It Provides the Audience with a Holistic Brand Experience

Not all communication platforms are created equal. Every communication platform is unique and has its own strengths and weaknesses. A social media platform is better at engaging and deepening its relationship with the audience compared to an email. A retail shop space provides the audience with ambience and customer service experiences which a printed flyer is inadequate of doing. A website with content marketing features is a great tool to demonstrate to your prospects that you are the subject-matter expert in your field. No other platform does it better. You get what we are trying to drive at. Link up your different platforms to provide the audience with a holistic brand experience.

2. It Reinforces Your Communication Structure and Regulates Traffic

A standalone communication platform is weak. It does not satisfy all of an audience’s needs. But there is always strength in numbers. Linking up the different platforms will reinforce your communication structure. Strategic linking will regulate traffic to your desired choice of communication mediums that meet your marketing objectives. Guide consumers to where you’d want them to be!

3. It Maximises Your Marketing Reach, Coverage and Influence

Because prospects can be anywhere, that is why businesses use more than one communication platform for marketing and publicity. The prospect who has just received your marketing flyer may not have a Facebook account. Your follower on Instagram may never have visited your retail shop. The customer who has just visited your retail shop may not be computer literate. If you’ve placed all your eggs in one basket and using only a single communication platform, chances are, your distribution is going to be poor. Use a myriad of communication platforms and connect them up to maximise your marketing reach, coverage and influence! Present all your marketing messages to your prospects!

4. It Makes Your Brand Looks Bigger

There are many times when being small can give you an advantage when trying to win customers or to remain efficient for your business. But on other times, appearing to be larger than you actually are is a wiser strategy. How can a small business create the perception of being bigger? When the audience is being regulated through all your different communication platforms, they experience the magnitude and your capacity for business marketing. It makes your brand bigger. This creates the perception that you have the potential to provide them with a good product or service as well.

Do you have a sound communication network that makes marketing and advertising more effective for your business? Start linking up your communications by having them make referral traffic to each other already!