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Logo Design

22 logo design registering a business trademarkLogo Design

Logo Design: Registering A Business Trademark.

So, you've just got your business logo designed and you're wondering whether it's worth the effort to turn it into a registered trademark. How does a registered trademark benefit your company? What do the "TM" and "®" symbols mean? Much queries it…
September 30, 2015
17 logo design what is your personaLogo Design

Logo Design: What Is Your Persona?

Logos do not have genders. Rather, logos have personalities and they are an important aspect in branding. If a logo is a graphic device that marks the start of a brand's visual identity, then a logo's personality is the source to the…
August 26, 2015
07 logo design what does your logo sayLogo Design

Logo Design: What Does Your Logo Say?

A logo is the face of a business. The logo forms the first touchpoint experience with the consumer who is new to your brand. It makes the first impression to your audience. If opportunity knocks but only once, that makes…
June 17, 2015
02 logo design where it all beganLogo Design

Logo Design: Where It All Began.

The foundation of your brand is your logo. A logo design is the start of visual communications for businesses. It is where branding began. A logo is a visual anchor and identity for your website, packaging and promotional materials. A good logo…
May 13, 2015