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15 communications qr code bridges communicationsCommunications

Communications: QR Code Bridges Communications.

The use of QR Codes on printed design media like business cards, brochures, posters and even retail graphics is widespread. QR Code is abbreviated from Quick Response Code and it is a type of barcode that was first used for the automotive industry…
August 12, 2015
10 communications link up your communicationsCommunications

Communications: Link Up Your Communications.

The success of your business communications depends on how effectively you have used the different platforms and how well you have linked them up. Business communication is the sharing of information between people within an organisation and how a company shares information…
July 8, 2015
05 communications locate your businessCommunications

Communications: Locate Your Business.

Retailers in the marketplace! Is your business confined by the catchment area of your store’s location? How do you extend its reach? You can do it for FREE, simply by putting your business location on Google Maps. Despite alternatives like…
June 3, 2015