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21 branding manage brand perceptionsBranding

Branding: Manage Brand Perceptions!

To understand what is a brand perception, one has to know the meaning of perception. A perception is the way in which something is regarded, understood, or interpreted. In branding, a brand perception is the audience’s impression towards the brand.…
September 23, 2015
16 branding own a colourBranding

Branding: Own A Colour!

While designers are concerned about the various colour modes in graphic design, brand stewards are looking for ways to use colours to reinforce their brand. Colour is one of the key elements when creating a brand. We have business owners or…
August 19, 2015
11 branding top of mind awarenessBranding

Branding: Top-Of-Mind Awareness?

The bottom line of branding is to achieve Top-Of-Mind Awareness (TOMA) for your business. It simply means to position your brand or specific product and have it occupy the topmost position of customers’ minds when they think of your industry.…
July 15, 2015
06 branding what is in your nameBranding

Branding: What’s In Your Name?

A brand is represented by its name, which is in turn, characterised by symbols. To better understand what is a brand, do read this together with our preceding article that addresses branding through the typical brand model. Brand symbols can be: 1.…
June 10, 2015
01 branding what is a brandBranding

Branding: What’s A Brand?

The marketplace is full of brands. A brand is more than a name or symbol. It is at least two things: a name and a perception of what the name means. A brand is also a sign which comprise a signifier and…
May 6, 2015
what is brandingBranding

What is Branding?

Branding is an important marketing aspect of a business, whether you are a Business-to-Business, Business-to-Consumer, small startup or large corporate company in Singapore. What exactly is branding? Branding is a big word. To super-simply it, branding is any effort or program…
March 30, 2015