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Branding: What’s In Your Name?

By June 10, 2015August 12th, 2015No Comments
06 branding what is in your name

A brand is represented by its name, which is in turn, characterised by symbols. To better understand what is a brand, do read this together with our preceding article that addresses branding through the typical brand model. Brand symbols can be:

1. Graphic Devices

Graphic devices are visual designs utilised by brand stewards to represent the brand name. These devices may include the logobrand identity and marketing collateral. Think about Google. Can you recognise its logo? Do you remember its brand colours? The consistent use of graphic devices helps to establish a strong visual brand identity!

logo google

2. Trade Dress

Trade dress refers to characteristics of the visual appearance of a product or its packaging that signify the source of the product to consumers. In other words, when a consumer sees a trade dress, it makes them relate to the brand name and most importantly, the brand. Besides packaging, trade dress may include uniform, livery or even design of a building. Would anyone not recognise a Coca-Cola can?

product coca cola

3. Spokesmen

Spokesmen are people who makes statement on behalf of a brand. They may include the celebrity, founder and mascot of your brand. In branding, spokesmen are people that represent your brand name. Anybody who communicates with the world on behalf of your brand is your spokesman. Branding is a top-down responsibility that is to be upheld by everyone in the company. Consider Steve Jobs. He was the spokesman for Apple.

spokesman apple

4. Words

Just Do It. Write impactful words. Impossible Is Nothing. There is not a single thing that is impossible. Practise writing or simply engage good copywriters and branding agencies to shape consumers’ perception of your brand through words. Oh, did you already spot the famous slogans used by Nike and Adidas? Words really matter. Besides slogans, abbreviations and taglines can be used by brands as symbols to represent the brand name!

slogan nike

5. Sounds

Unique tone and theme music can be symbolic sounds that represent the brand name. Do you still remember the catchy commercial music of a particular brand that you’ve come across when you were young? Can you tell which brand of phone it is, just from the ringtone? Play this ringtone remix! You’ll recognise the brand within the first 15 seconds of playtime! If you think sounds cannot help in branding, think again!

6. Scents

The air is filled with the distinct baking aroma of Famous Amos’s cookies; the atmosphere is overwhelmed by the unique sweet scent of caramel from Garrett Popcorn Shops. Unique fragrance and bouquet are scent symbols that represents your brand name and associates to your brand. As much as we would like you to to take a sniff of the scents we have described, the present technology has kept us back from doing so. So, know your communication mediums well and use symbols that represent your brand strategically!

How much of these symbols are you utilising to represent your brand’s name?