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Branding: What’s A Brand?

By May 6, 2015August 12th, 2015No Comments
01 branding what is a brand

The marketplace is full of brands. A brand is more than a name or symbol. It is at least two things: a name and a perception of what the name means. A brand is also a sign which comprise a signifier and a signified.

Branding is an important aspect in marketing and eventually it leads to Top-Of-Mind Awareness for your business. Understand branding through the brand model! It’ll give you a clear picture of branding and the different aspects to it. An effective brand strategy gives you an edge over your competitors. In simple terms, your brand is your promise to your customers. It relates to them what is expected from your products or services and distinguishes yourself from the competition in the marketplace. How does a new business kick off with branding?

1. Get a Good Logo Designed

Designers empower brand stewards with a great logo that is to be integrated in every single marketing collateral of the business. The logo is a visual symbol that represents the brand name and in most cases, it is the strongest symbol for a brand.

2. Create a Brand Masterplan

Know where your branding efforts are taking you to. Strategise, implement actions and measure the results. The plan is the road map for brand stewards to press on to their destination.

3. Define Your Brand Message

What do you want to communicate about your brand? Your brand messages should be made known to your employees. Employees are brand stewards. They live out and deliver your brand message to the audience or customer.

4. Be True to Your Brand

Deliver on your brand promise. A good experience influences the audience and develops a positive perception for your brand. The perception in return, will influence and shape the next experience in queue. A satisfied customer will return to you or refer your business to someone else.

5. Be Consistent

Ever wonder why big brands are so successful? Consistency is the word. It is the most important element to establishing a strong brand. Sculpt the perception of your audience to your brand name! This is the ever-going goal for any brand steward.