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what is graphic designGraphic Design

What is Graphic Design?

What exactly is graphic design? Graphic design is the art or skill of combining text, symbols and images in any visual communication mediums to represent ideas and messages. Graphic design is a subset of visual communication and communication design. Graphic designers are…
March 12, 2015

To design is to communicate clearly by whatever means you can control or master.

Milton Glaser

Recognising the need is the primary condition for design.

Charles Eames

The details are not the details. They make the design.

Charles Eames
nine types of logosLogo Design

9 Different Types of Logos

There are many different types of logos in the world of brandmarks. Likewise, there are plenty of styles and approaches to create a logo. Each kind of logo has its own strengths and weaknesses. The best approach to designing a logo, or…
February 21, 2015