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An annual report design relays not mere operations and financial figures. It passes on invaluable brand propositions and manages perception.

When the theme of an annual report finds home in you and you’re held captive by its design, it’s a worthy annual report you had just read. 

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Annual Report 2015 Design Proposal for Singapore Environment Council

Annual Report

Annual Report 2016 Design for National University of Singapore, OAR

Annual Report

Annual Report Design With Financial Statements for Princeton

Annual Report

Annual Report and Desktop Calendar Design for Boardroom

Annual Report + Desktop Calendar


…improves readability of the financial information.

The primary function of an annual report is to provide information on the company’s fiscal year. Graphs, tables and charts can be employed to simplify the complex data and enhance readability. This is especially important for profit-making entities that deal with immense financial information. Creatively-designed infographics make information easy and enjoyable to read. Infographics clear the clutter and improve reading experience.

…calls attention to the company’s achievements.

An annual report presents the company’s vision and mission. It shows the company’s achievements for the past year and accounts to the shareholders and stakeholders. Appropriate focus can be made with thoughtful design to highlight the achievements. Figure-of-merit is a good way to show the effectiveness, efficiency and performance of the company. A good typographic hierarchy improves prominence of important textual content.

…serves as a marketing tool that promotes the company.

Marketeers and brand stewards are always on the lookout for opportunities to sell and manage perceptions for the brand. An annual report is a great tool to do just that. A well-conceived theme and cover design relate the brand proposition; intelligent copywriting and thought-provoking visuals strengthen the theme. A good annual report design is capable of creating positive sentiments for the brand and bring a positive impact to the company’s bottomline.

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Annual Report Design | Singapore

Good annual report designers understand your brand and make impressions worthy of your company.

A good annual report design company is constituted of good visionaries and graphic designers. Advertising and marketing is important in Singapore where brands and branding are prevalent. Graphic design is the discipline that helps a company achieve its advertising and marketing objectives; it assists an agency to communicate in visual appropriateness, with their prospects and target audience. A studio graphic designer is the skilled talent with creative hands and keen foresight to communicate your message and create a favourable impact to your bottom line in Singapore.