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100 Things Singaporeans Can Do At Home During Covid-19 “Circuit Breaker” Measures

By April 9, 2020December 8th, 2022No Comments5 min read

It is so good to be home. With the implementation of Covid-19 “Circuit Breaker” (from 7 April – 4 May) to heighten safe-distancing measures, only essential services that support daily needs remain open. Workplace premises of non-essential businesses are closed and Singaporeans can only perform work via telecommuting from home. Home-Based Learning (HBL) has also kicked in from 8 April, keeping all primary, secondary, Pre-University and IHL students, including students from Special Education (SPED) schools, safe in their homes.

Restlessness, fear and stress can easily creep in through the month-long “Circuit Breaker”. To counter that, here’re 100 Things Singaporeans Can Do During Covid-19 “Circuit Breaker” Measures:

1. Make the safest face mask (

2. Perfect grandma’s Bak Kut Teh recipe

3. Clean your computer’s keyboard; it’s germier than your toilet

4. Spread love & not fear on social media platforms

5. Tidy your space & keep only clean things that spark joy (

6. Send encouraging words to your loved ones

7. Start a journal or blog

8. Develop patience through trials

9. Satisfy your bubble tea craving; create your own boba (

10. Re-prioritise your life, now that you’d understood what’s essential & what’s non-essential

11. Seek vengeance on the plaguesome demons in Diablo III (Diablo III is 50% OFF on the Nintendo eShop!)

12. Begin your day with a home-brewed Kopi-O Kosong

13. Binge-watch responsibly on Netflix (Pandemic: & 93 Days)

14. Meditate to reduce stress

15. Create handicrafts with your child

16. Learn to go easy on yourself

17. Be informed & stay updated on the Covid-19 situation in Singapore (

18. Plan for your post-coronavirus vacation; make it the best vacation ever

19. Learn a new word each day

20. Prophesy on the post-coronavirus world

21. Encourage your children to wash their hands with Baby Sharka Dodo (

22. Post one thing that you’re thankful for, everyday on Facebook

23. Practise deep breathing to lower stress

24. Pick up a new recipe

25. Imagine the future of Singapore as a Smart Nation (

26. Write a book

27. Learn origami

28. Watch Mukbang videos if you’re feeling bored, eating alone

29. Pick up 7 simple habits to lead a more minimalist life (

30. Knit, knit, knit

31. Put together an epic puzzle

32. Write a letter

33. Be well-read with digital services via National Library Board’s Mobile App (

34. Organise your kitchen

35. Sort out your purses or wallets

36. Read the books that you’d bought but haven’t read

37. Learn how to protect yourself against Covid-19 (

38. Rearrange your furniture

39. Paint something

40. Call a friend

41. Catch The Masked Singer on YouTube (

42. Clean out your fridge

43. Take an Instagram baking class

44. Learn a new language

45. Be self-sufficient & grow your own potatoes at home (

46. Do a digital yoga class

47. Play a nostalgic board game

48. Listen to audiobooks

49. Learn from experts, how to stop touching your face all the time (

50. Build a fort with your kids

51. List your life goals

52. Clean your windows

53. Cut your own hair (

54. Perfect your floral arrangements

55. Vacuum all the carpets

56. Look through photo albums

57. Bake a lock-down birthday cake (

58. Make a bucket list

59. Clear your mailbox

60. Have a picnic on your living room floor

61. Exercise at home (

62. Make a grocery list

63. Meal prep for the coming week

64. Make homemade greeting cards

65. Groom your dog at home (

66. Have a dance party for two

67. Pray for hope

68. Dine blindfolded

69. Manicure at home (

70. Clean out your closet

71. Learn calligraphy

72. Join an online gaming session

73. Boost your productivity at home (

74. Create a scrapbook

75. Clean your mobile phone, inside & out

76. Browse auction sites

77. Fill your hours indoors with Nintendo Switch (

78. Research a new topic

79. Re-aquascape your aquarium

80. Create a collage

81. Sing & make music with friends (

82. Video chat with a family member

83. Play hide-&-seek

84. Use your hand weights

85. Project augmented reality animals into your living room (

86. Role play

87. Create a new Pinterest board

88. Colour-code your wardrobe

89. Start a container garden from seed (

90. Teach your dog new tricks

91. Make a terrarium

92. Learn a musical instrument

93. Prepare to file your individual income tax (

94. Fill your online shopping carts & wait out for a sale

95. Bead jewellery

96. Apply for a new job because you have remote working experience now

97. Hear directly from the Prime Minister’s Office (

98. Catch up on your sleep

99. Just do NOTHING

100. ???

And yes, we left the last line empty for you. Share this post with your close ones. Inspire them with what you’re this “circuit breaker” period!