Logo Design is the art of creating a graphic mark, emblem or symbol to represent commercial enterprises, organisations and even individuals.

While all logo designs exist with the common intent for immediate public recognition, the greater ones come purposed with a story to tell.

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SMU Graduating Class of 2017 Logo Design for Office of Advancement

Logo Creation

Logo Tracing for IPT-Power Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd

Logo Tracing

Therapy Centre Logo Design for Breathya

Brand Naming + Logo Creation + Logo Slogan

Fitness Logo Design for Leap

Logo Creation

Florist Logo Repair and Monogram Creation for Blume Link

Logo Repair + Logo Creation

Service Logo Design for Flathead Energy Services

Logo Creation

Snack Bar Logo Design for Snack Box

Logo Creation + Logo Slogan

Startup Brand Design and Slogan for DNA3

Logo Creation + Logo Slogan

Product Brand Design for Rabbit Snowboard

Logo Creation

Attorneys Logo Design and Slogan for Johnson Horn

Logo Creation + Logo Slogan

Company Logo Design for cook.

Brand Naming + Logo Creation

Good logo designer fosters a strong visual identity.

A good logo designer brings many benefits to a company in Singapore. A logo is a graphical device that reminds consumers of your brand; it promotes brand recognition. It is the face of your business. A logo, together with the brand’s visual identity (which may comprise graphical elements, defined marketing collateral layouts, corporate colours and fonts) will convey a consistent customer experience; it strengthens company branding. A logo is a basis of your brand identity and it will complement your marketing collaterals if it is well-designed; it anchors your business brand. The logo designer is a vital role to craft this important cornerstone of your visual identity.

Good logo designer builds a lasting relationship.

A good logo designer makes designs that are long-lasting. Trends come and go, but a good logo endures the test of time. For most companies in Singapore, a logo lasts the entire span of the brand’s life. Unless brand repositioning is required, a company rarely calls for a rebranding exercise. Logo design happens probably once in the lifetime of a brand and that makes a good design important. Get branding off on the right foot. Get a logo that uniquely represents your brand. A good logo designer has the ability to make an appropriate logo that fosters a long-standing brand identity. And this enduring identity helps establish a long-lasting relationship with your target audience.

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