Graphic Design is an approach of visual communication where words, symbols and images are created and combined to represent ideas and messages.

They say the best of communication pieces have the ability to stop its audience, capture their gaze and acquire a response. Stop, look and respond. Visual communication is this simple.

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Florist Poster Design for Blume Link


Heart Health Poster Design for Singapore Heart Foundation

Character Design + Poster Series

Series of Certificate Designs for National Environment Agency

Certificate Series

Annual Report 2015 Design Proposal for Singapore Environment Council

Annual Report

Poster, ePoster and Rollup Display Design for Singapore Children’s Society

Poster + ePoster + Rollup Display

SOCI 50 Reunion Course Pack Notebook Design for NUS Department of Sociology


Pull-up Banner Design for Merriment Carnival

Pull-up Banner Series

Poster and Flyer Design for Boarskin

Flyer + Poster

Good graphic designer fosters communications.

Graphic design is not mere decorations or making things pretty. It is visual communication and problem solving for your company. A good graphic designer provides clarity in communications, creates a favourable impact to your bottom line in Singapore and appropriately communicates your product, service or message. A visual must have the power to stop its audience before imparting information to them. Good communication is fulfilled when the visual goes the extra mile to acquire a response from its audience. Stop, look and respond. These are the capacities of good visual designs for effective communication. A good graphic designer is equipped with the necessary skills to strengthen communications.

Good graphic designer helps businesses.

The visuals that represent your company say implicitly about your business or subconsciously affect how the target audience view your company. You may have the best product or service and great people behind your business. But if your graphic designer does not create communication works that incite confidence, all those things probably did not matter. Communications define touchpoint experiences for your target audience. Poor design sows toward a bad impression and good design makes a good impression. Good visual designs increase the likelihood of an audience responding to your call. A good graphic designer encourages opportunities for your business in Singapore. Good design is good business.

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