Branding is any effort or programme to build a brand. Branding is a company’s journey for the betterment of relationship with its audience.

A brand is more than a name or symbol. It is at least two things: a name and a perception of what the name means. Branding manifests promises and manages perceptions.

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Brand Mascot Design, Eco Dino

Brand Mascot

Sticker Decals for APS Lifestyle Livery

Sticker Decal

Visual Identity for cook.

Brand Identity + Business Card

Brand Identity for King’s Landscapers

Brand Identity + Business Card

Corporate Stationery Design for Irongate

Brand Identity + Business Card

Brandmark Manual for TennisPAL

Brand Identity

Brand Mascot Design for ETHOZ

Brand Mascot

Good branding agency manages perceptions.

At the core of every company in Singapore, is a first class product or service and every business desires to be on the top-of-mind of consumers. A good branding agency builds and leads a brand. It strengthens and manages the perceptions of your company and improves top-of-mind awareness. A branding agency is capable of defining a visual brand identity for your business. It is the blueprint for influencing consumer’s perceptions through visible means. Brand identity can be expressed in the form of business cards, corporate stationery (e.g. envelopes and letterhead), social media marketing platforms and corporate websites. In fact, it is the sum total of your communication, marketing and advertising collaterals.

Good brand agency manifests promises.

A good brand agency in Singapore defines your unique selling proposition and manifests your brand promises. The unique selling proposition is what differentiates you from your competitors. Every brand promises something to consumers. You do not have to be a big brand to make promises. Brand promises can be made in different ways. The slogan on your logo can contain a promise; your marketing collaterals can embody propositions that are promises. Promises are made to be kept. Consumers have expectations for brands and they trust that the brand will deliver their promise in every interaction. A brand agency manifests brand promises. The company delivers them.

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